Zdeneka Prahaska

From Ardrana

Zdeneka Prahaska, sometimes known as Bardo, is a Human conjurer from the city-state of Thrace. The younger sister of Svenyka Prahaska, she followed her into magecraft, specifically the study of conjuration. She also followed across the Golden Ocean to Lanad i'Sarois, but instead of the SouthLands she came to the Cardillic Desert. There, she continued her study at the School of the Sea in Agropthos, where she hoped to add water-based spells to her repertoire under her mentor, Allagaeira. She is also a poet, competing regularly in the annual poetry reading contest during the city's Day of Change festival. She also has a feline familiar named Hecate.

Recently, Bardo has begun lending aid to Shale and her compatriots. Specifically, she was among those to learn of the threat to Agropthos from the followers of Hades, and joined those attempting to put a halt to their schemes.

Zdeneka is a PC played by Sydney Howard.