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By means of a change cantrip, the caster alters one small object or creature to another. The object or creature can weigh only a few ounces, and must be small enough to fit in the caster's hand.

The change must be within the same kingdom, and only animal and vegetable objects can be affected. Thus, a piece of parchment can be changed into a brightly colored square of linen, and then the cloth changed into a rose by another use of the cantrip. Likewise, a bird can be changed into a bat, the bat to a flying squirrel by another use of the same type of cantrip, and so forth. Each change requires a change cantrip. The cantrip cannot cause more than a 50% increase or decrease in size/volume, and the effect lasts for several minutes. If the change is radical, then the time is reduced. On the other hand, a very slight alteration such as a color change lasts for one or more days.

Note: This spell originally appeared in this form in Unearthed Arcana for Advanced Dungeons & Dragons from TSR. Its use here is for the purposes of providing context for the campaign only.