Dust of appearance

From Ardrana

Dust of appearance is a very fine, very light, metallic dust. A single handful of this substance flung into the air will coat all objects, making them visible even if they are invisible, out of phase, astral, or ethereal. It will also reveal mirror images and projected images for what they are, and it likewise negates the effects of other items that generate similar effects.

Dust of appearance is typically stored in small silk packets or hollow bone blow tubes. A packet can be shaken out to cover an area with a radius of 10 feet from the user. A tube can be blown in a cone shape, 1 foot wide at the start, 15 feet at the end, and 20 feet long.

Note: This item originally appeared in the 2nd Edition Dungeon Master Guide for the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons game by TSR. Their inclusion here is for the purposes of providing context for the campaign only.