Giant crab

From Ardrana

Giant crabs look just like regular crabs except for their enormous size. They come in a variety of colors, such as reds, browns, and grays. They have eyes set on stalks, which enable them to see around corners and onto ledges. Their bodies are covered by a large, chitinous shell. Crabs are distinguished by their scuttling, sideways mode of locomotion.

Always hungry, crabs prefer to sneak up upon their prey and catch it in their pincers, dismembering and eating it. Once they have caught something edible, they stop to eat it, unless they are attacked. If a crab finds its meal in question, it attempts to scuttle off with the prize, perhaps to its den.

The giant crab lives on the shoreline, searching beaches for food and venturing into the water in search of fish and other aquatic life. It is well adapted to this sort of life, since it is able to breathe both air and water. Giant crabs frequently feed on large dead fish and other carrion washed up on the shore. They operate equally well on land and in the water. Giant crabs sometimes burrow into the sand during the day, emerging only at dusk and dawn to feed. At these times the beach is alive not only with the giant crabs, but with their tiny cousins as well. The giants may also hunt during the day and night.

Giant crabs are hunted by the ultimate predators -- Humans and demi-Humans -- for its superb meat and hard chitinous shell, which is prized by some for making armor and shields.