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The kitsune are a race of fox people who revel in the art of trickery and illusions. The kitsune are bound by honor, but are free spirited and easy-going. They are hardworking, honest, and logical. The kitsune are a cunning race that loves good jokes, but will not hesitate to lift a blade in self-defense.

Kitsune believe in personal duty to one's clan and to one's self. Though proud, they are not vain and try not to show off their reputation too much. Kitsune believe in humility and in dignity, and it is everyone’s duty to remind each other of those values through trickery and humiliation. If a kitsune becomes too proud or haughty he will often find himself being bombarded with a variety of jokes, pranks, illusions and other things that would embarrass him. Kitsune learn to let their actions speak for themselves and enjoy a good puzzle or riddle to exercise their wits. They value those who can confuse their enemies with verbal trickery and confusing conundrums.

Ironically, as much as kitsune deceive and trick they try to be logical and real with themselves. If they see someone who is more skilled than they, they will admit it. If a fight goes awry they will not hesitate to run if their abilities are not up to par. Though easy going they do not take mortal insults or infringements lightly, especially to family members, and will demand compensation for the misdeed or start seeking out revenge themselves.

Note: Some information on this page has been adapted from the kitsune page at the D&D Wiki.