From Ardrana

The light spell creates a luminous glow, equal to torchlight, within a fixed radius of the spell's center. Objects in darkness beyond this sphere can be seen, at best, as vague and shadowy shapes. The spell is centered on a point selected by the caster, and he must have a line of sight and unobstructed path for the spell when it is cast. Light can spring from air, rock, metal, wood, or almost any similar substance.

The effect is immobile unless it is specifically centered on a movable object or mobile creature. Light taken into an area of magical darkness does not function, but if cast directly against magical darkness negates it (but only for the duration of the light spell, if the darkness effect is continual).

Light centered on the visual organs of a creature blinds it. The caster can end the spell at any time by uttering a single word.

The divine version of this spell is reversible, causing darkness in the same area and under the same conditions as the light spell, but with half the duration. Magical darkness is equal to that of an unlit interior room -- pitch darkness. Any normal light source or magical light source of lesser intensity than full daylight does not function in magical darkness. A darkness spell cast directly against a light spell cancels both, and vice versa.

Note: This version of light originally appeared in the 2nd Edition Player's Handbook for Advanced Dungeons & Dragons from TSR. Its use here is for the purposes of providing context for the campaign only.