From Ardrana

Saurials are intelligent bipedal lizards that appear to be descended from creatures much like dinosaurs. There are four different races of saurials: bladebacks, finheads, flyers, and hornheads. These are names given them by the other folk of Ardrana -- their own names are a combination of noises and scents that do not translate into human or humanoid speech.

Saurials have brightly colored scales, sharp claws, and tails. The different races have much different body shapes. All, however, are roughly humanoid.

  • Bladebacks are tall, standing about seven feet, with stocky frames and friendly faces. The name given them comes from their most prominent physical feature. Large, sharp scales jut out along their spines, extending from the tops of their heads to the end of their almost body-length tails.
  • Finheads are closest in shape to humans, though slightly shorter, standing about five feet tall. A pronounced fin sweeps from this saurial's head, and it has a tail that is a little more than half the length of its body.
  • Flyers are small, averaging just three feet in height. They have delicate frames, small legs, short tails, and flaps of scale-covered skin hanging from each arm. This skin serves as wings, giving these saurials the ability to fly.
  • Hornheads are the largest of the saurials, standing 10 feet tall with tails that stretch longer than their bodies. Sharp horns protrude from their heads and the great bony plates at their necks, giving this saurial race its name.

All saurials come in shades of green mixed with yellow patterns, while flyers sometimes sport red splotches. Rarely, a pure white saurial is born to one of the races.

Note: Saurials originally appeared in this form in The Complete Book of Humanoids for the AD&D game from TSR. Their use here is for the purposes of providing context for the campaign only.