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Severn is the Ardic god of craftwork, and the patron of the Dwarven races. He is often referred to by the appellations "Lord of the Forge" or "The Great Hand". Within the Ardic pantheon, he is subservient to Morelen, but the Dwarves place him at the head of their own worship, and as such he has several lesser deities that report to him.

Severn's holy symbol is crossed hammers. His preeminent temple is located in the very center of the Jhakad Mountains. The exact peak beneath which it lies is known only to Dwarves and to priests of Severn. It is also known by his priests that his temple is leads to one of the two entrances to the Heart of the Earth, where many of the world's artifacts were forged long ago.

Severn's wife is Gazhon, the Dwarven goddess of "cooperative enterprise" (the actual word has no equivalent in the common tongue). Their children include most of the Dwarven gods.