The Beastlands

From Ardrana

Although it's known to some bashers as the Happy Hunting Grounds, most bloods prefer to call this plane the Beastlands. The name fits, too, since this part of the multiverse is rich with wild animals. A berk on a safari could bag quite a trophy here - if his prey didn't make a trophy of him first.

Of all the planes, this one has no settlements, no towns, no citadels built by its petitioners, and the reason's simple: All the petitioners here are animals. When a body arrives here, someone like a great provider for his clan, he becomes a wild creature of wood, plain, sea, or air. That's why it's called the Beastlands - natural wild animals roam in abundance, living the lives that animals lead. This means only natural animals. A basher's not going to find a beholder or a catoblepas here - they ain't natural animals in the true sense of the word.

The plane's a seeming hodgepodge of every natural environment that there is. There's veldt, jungle, swamp, plain, and forests of all types, filled with trees of all description. Everything here's more lush, wild, and savage than any prime's ever seen at home. This plane's the epitome of wilderness.

'Course, a petitioner-turned-lion's got to have some things different than just an ordinary lion. First off, he can talk; becoming an animal doesn't rob a petitioner of his faculties. There's still a mind beneath the fang and fur. Second, those that were spellcasters before they died still have some spell ability. For the most part they don't use their spells, though, since that'd spoil the natural life they now lead. But if some berk shows up and starts making trouble, it's a sure bet the petitioners will strike back as best as they can.

Along the Great Road, the Beastlands are between Elysium and Arborea.

Note: The Beastlands originally appeared in this form in the Planescape AD&D campaign setting from TSR. Their use here is for the purposes of providing context for the campaign only.