University Al Maneera

From Ardrana

Located in Rogariel, the famed City of Sages, the University Al Maneera is one of the most well known schools of the magical arts in all Ardrana. Unlike most such schools, it is not limited to the study of arcane magic, nor indeed to the study of magic at all, but its student body is limited to those with some magical capability.

In addition to courses in the Arcane Arts, the university offers areas in which students can practice their magic in a practical setting. Courses of study in philosophy, history, and sciences are also offered. While many magical academics sneer at Al Maneera's methods, claiming the magical arts must be taught in a setting apart from other fields of study, the university has held its ground, holding to its commitment to a more well-rounded curriculum. Even so, Al Maneera is considered one of the best schools for wizards to learn the schools of elementalism.

Students of the university have free access to the entire library system, no matter their study focus. Representatives of the local temples also receive this benefit, but anyone else must pay for such a privilege.