White dragon

From Ardrana

White dragons, the smallest and weakest of the evil dragons, are slow witted but efficient hunters. They are impulsive, vicious, and animalistic, tending to consider only the needs and emotions of the moment and having no foresight or regret. Despite their low intelligence, they are as greedy and evil as the other evil dragons.

The scales of a hatchling white dragon are a mirror-like glistening ground. As the dragons ages, the sheen disappears, and by the time it reaches the very old stage, scales of pale blue and light gray are mixed in with the white.

White dragons live in chilly or cold regions, preferring lands where the temperature rarely rises above freezing and ice and snow always cover the ground. When temperatures become too warm, the dragons become lethargic. White dragons bask in the frigid winds that whip over the landscape, and they wallow and play in deep snow banks.

White dragons' lairs are usually icy caves and deep subterranean chambers; they select caves that open away from the warming rays of the sun. White dragons store all of their treasure within their lair, and prefer keeping it in caverns coated in ice, which reflect the gems, especially diamonds, because they are pretty to look at.

Although white dragons, as all other dragons, are able to eat nearly anything, they are very particular and will consume only food which has been frozen. Usually after a dragon has killed a creature with its breath weapon it will fall to devouring it while the carcass is still stiff and frigid. It will bury other kills in snow banks until they are suitably frozen.