From Ardrana

Windellad is an Elven thief from the city of Hanmer. He learned his trade as he grew up in a traveling show where his mother, Elladra, works as a tightrope walker/acrobat and his father, Windermere, serves as the barker and ringmaster. Windellad was born in Hanmer during one of the show's tours, and his father decided to make the city the show's base.

While he was growing up, Windellad tried his hand at both parents' jobs, as well as a number of other duties of the show. Eventually, he found he had a knack for discovering talent, and found he was most happy when traveling to find new acts for the show. He spends half of each year with this task, criss-crossing the lands north and west scouting for the next big thing, and the rest as a part-time ringmaster. It is in this venture that he met "Big O", his best friend, and convinced him to be a part of the show.