From Ardrana

Zakhirin is the Ardic deity of power and ambition. As such, he has two aspects, which often conflict with each other. On one hand, he is the patron of those who strive to succeed, to achieve goals that might seem unattainable. In this aspect, he is often seen as an ally of Morelen himself, watching over the leaders of great nations. On the other, he is the patron of those who plot and plan in secret, seeking only their own advancement. Here, he is seen as the enemy of those whom Morelen holds dear, and more akin to Helandra or Lathoris.

There are cults of Zakhirin here and there throughout Ardrana, but most who worship him are those who would stand alone. Thus, most of his followers are solitary, belonging to no organized religion. His holy symbol is a sword over a shield. While those who worship his first aspect have a symbol of shining steel or silver, those who worship his second aspect often paint theirs red to represent the blood of their enemies.