Day of Change

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This page is about the holiday. For the adventure, see Days of Change.

The Day of Change is the name given in some cultures to the 361st and last day of the Ardic year, which is also Ardrana's winter solstice. It is not part of any of the months of the Lanad Calendar, and is considered a holy day by worshipers of Laurent because it serves as a thirteenth division of the year. The day is especially revered in Agropthos, where the House of the Ever-Turning Wheel presents a festival that lasts for a week before and after the Day itself.

Due to its status as the time when the cycle of Varice begins anew, the Day of Change is also celebrated as a day of rebirth, and sometimes is reckoned as both the last day of the old year and the first day of the new. It is also a day when all people are expected to treat each other as equals, as it represents the time when both old and new coexist, and thus should all other things coexist in harmony.