Lanad Calendar

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The Lanad Calendar is a dating system used in Lanad i'Sarois, mostly in the SouthLands. It uses as its starting point the founding of what is, for unknown reasons, called the Third Civilization, which followed the destruction of the Elven city of Pretic. Under this system, it is currently the year 837.

The calendar itself is broken up into twelve months of 30 days each, beginning each year on the winter solstice. The months are named for the twelve constellations, which also serve as astrological signs for Ardrana. Each is considered the sacred sign of one of the major races of Ardrana.

Order Month Race
1 Duvhalmadbarak The Hume
2 Adhkazh Dwarves
3 Svidarvan Gnomes
4 Vorald Elves
5 Pestrielo Lastini
6 Telmarain Humans
7 Daat Karis
8 Solinaya Animals (sometimes Hengeyokai)
9 Bghrazhd Orcs
10 Starlow Halflings
11 Kellivad Jeks
12 Gilvantir All life through The LifeSpirit

The first day of each of these months is marked by the conjunction of the three moons Helandra, Liyyera and Losyera. As the Ardic year lasts 361 days, the final day is not part of any month. Known as the Day of Change, it is considered part of both the preceding and following year, and is revered by worshipers of Laurent as being the "thirteenth month".