From Ardrana

Firenze is the capital city of the Medici Islands. The oldest and largest city of the island chain, it is located on the western coast of the largest island, Medici. It is primarily concerned with shipping and trade, which has served to make the members of House de'Medici and House Lorenzo very wealthy and powerful.

The architecture of Firenze combines that which was brought from their homeland, Latium, and new techniques learned from the ports they traded for supplies with. The Machiavelli's are given credit for integrating structures within this city and others throughout the Medici Islands so that members of taller races might live and work alongside the Halflings.

Those who were brought up here tend to be very knowledgable in shipping and, in many cases, piracy. Still, the Halflings have managed to establish solid trade relationships with the eastern duchies of the White Alliance.