Medici Islands

From Ardrana

The Medici Islands are a small cluster of eight islands located off the southeastern coast of Lanad i'Sarois, about 275 miles east of Gascar in the Golden Ocean. The islands are populated mostly by Halflings, and are ruled by the Halfling Great Houses. While they trade a great deal with the eastern duchies of the White Alliance, they are not themselves part of that Alliance.

The islands are arranged in a nearly straight line north-to-south, with Pupazzo being the northernmost, and Lucertola the southernmost. They were mostly uninhabited until a rebellious group of Halflings that had been driven out of Latium arrived here by boat about two centuries ago. They first settled the island of Scintille, the island farthest east, but eventually spread to all of the large islands in the archipelago. Since then, they have built up a thriving trade with peoples on both the Lanad and their home continent, Ardann i'Parastha.

The main city of the island group, Firenze, is located on the western coast of the island of Medici. It is rather large and is mostly concerned with trade and commerce. Most reared here know a great deal about shipping, trade, and piracy. The other peoples that populate the island are mostly non-Halfling mercenaries who are routinely hired by the Houses.

List of islands in the Medici group