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This page is about the Greek deity. For the Outer Plane also sometimes called Hades, see The Gray Waste.

Hades is a two-sided deity, the god of death on one hand and the god of wealth on the other. He is a son of Rhea and Cronus, and thus one of Zeus' older brothers. He rarely leaves his kingdom in the underworld, where the dead go to fade into nothingness. Hades has the power to bring death or wealth to any mortal. The right to restore life to the dead belongs to him alone, and he guards it jealously. He wears a helmet which can render him invisible at will. In his true form, he is a large, dark-skinned man with fiery eyes.

Note: Hades originally appeared in this form in Legends & Lore for the AD&D game from TSR. His use here is for the purposes of providing context for the campaign only.