From Ardrana

Hermes is the god of travelers, merchants, thieves, gamblers, athletes, and eloquent speech. He also serves the gods as a messenger and an arbitrator of disputes. He executed his first robbery when he was only one day old, stealing a herd of cattle from Apollo. In his true form, Hermes is a handsome youth who carries a white caduceus (winged rod entwined by two serpents). He can move from place to place almost instantaneously. Hermes also wears a pair of winged sandals that allow him to fly and a helm that allows him to turn invisible at will.

Although an accomplished thief almost from the moment of his birth, Hermes has many other aspects as well. He has a keen sense of fairness that other gods often call upon in order to resolve disputes, and willingly uses his great speed to serve as a messenger to the gods. Omens from Hermes include an unusually good or bad run of luck or a sudden gust of wind as he rushes past.

Note: Hermes originally appeared in this form in Legends & Lore for the AD&D game from TSR. His use here is for the purposes of providing context for the campaign only.