Imorian Army

From Ardrana

The Imorian Army is, as implied by the name, the army of the city of Imor. It is a long-standing body, which has played a vital role in protecting the city going back to The Great Magic War, and even earlier. It is currently commanded by General Clayton Montgomery.

Today, the army mostly serves as a police presence throughout Imor so that order is maintained. This role does not sit too well with General Montgomery, and rumors have circulated about a growing tension between the army and the Imorian Parliament. The tension was somewhat eased by the government's reluctant agreement to involve the army in the re-opening of the Imor-Drev Tunnel, but some undoubtedly remains.

The uniform of an Imorian Army member consists of a green pant and jacket set with yellow buttons and trim which reflects the favored colors of the current ruling family. On each member's right breast pocket is a colored insignia according to his or her rank as follows:

Rank Insignia Color
Private Pink
Corporal Red
Sergeant Orange
Warrant Officer Yellow
Lieutenant Light Green
Captain Dark Green
Major Blue
Colonel Indigo
General Violet