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Imor, known to its residents as The City of Infinity, is a large city located in the north-central region of Ardann i'Parastha. Surrounding the walled city is a large expanse of arid, rocky, nearly lifeless terrain known as the Barrens, left over from a magical war that took place over five hundred years ago. Together, Imor and the Barrens make up the region of Eksaer.

Imor's inhabitants have advanced both magically and technologically since the war, and a concerted effort is being made to return the land around Imor to its former verdant luster. They have also begun to attempt to recover the many-miles-long underground passage leading to the city of Drev, several hundred miles to the north. This is part of the Imorian City Outreach Program, which is a concerted attempt to re-integrate the city with the surrounding regions.

Imor also has one of the largest marketplaces in all Ardrana, called the BountyPlace located on southeastern side of the city. Imor is also proud of its innovations, which include the Tenser Transit System and the Imorian Positioning System. These things are used as lures to draw others to their city, be they tourists or new residents.


In the days before the war, Imor and the land around it were held by the Middlebridge Family, but it was commandeered by the monarchy once it became apparent that it was the only arable land remaining in Eksaer.

Today, the city of Imor is ruled by the Addenberry Family in concert with the Imorian Parliament. The Addenberry monarchy is responsible for the Outreach Program, and have been working to diminish the power of the Parliament, which is mostly made up of former Eksaerian nobility.


Imor is home to a highly ordered society. All citizens and visitors are required to wear color-coded wristbands identifying their rank in that society. These wristbands also serve as tracking devices should the authorities need to locate someone for some reason.

The city itself further reflects the organized nature of Imor's residents. The marketplace is located in the southeastearn corner of the city with Imor University's campus to the west. The agricultural and residential areas are located on the northern side of the city. At the center of Imor stands the castle which is surrounded by the governmental offices of the Parliament. The Imorian Army's training facility and detention area is located east of the castle. Imor's Healing Center is located to the west of the castle/goverment complex.

The city is also home to the preeminent temple of Mastepha, the First Observatory. It was built here since Imor sits directly beneath that moon's position in the heavens. The city's advance in science in addition to magic may at least be partially attributed to the works of They Who Watch.