Imorian Wristband

From Ardrana

The Imorian Wristband is a device which is worn by every citizen of the city of Imor, and is also given to each newcomer or visitor to the city. The bands are color-coded according to your current position within the Imorian society. Among the colors used and their significance are the following:

Band Color Social Status
White Visitors
Bronze Laborers
Tan Military
Silver Merchants
Light Blue Government workers
Dark Blue Clergy
Gold Nobility
Yellow Medical personnel
Medium Green Educators
Black Suspect awaiting trial

The bands can be used in conjunction with the Imorian Positioning System (IPS) to locate and account for all within the city's limits in times of great need. Once put on, they shrink to fit snugly around the wearer's wrist, yet do not cause any discomfort as they are made of a thin, breathable cloth-like material. Features common to all bands are as follows:

  • Language Translation - allows outsiders to communicate free with Imor's populace.
  • Personal Information Storage - Especially useful for visitors, this feature will give information about a wearer's homeland, etc., should s/he not be able to give such at anytime.
  • Tenser Transit System Access - allows use of the TTS without the need for coins.
  • Self-location tool on IPS maps

Patches are also used to grant access to restricted locations around the city.

Other features can be added for a fee at the Imorian Bureau of Attunement.