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Jiberia is a region located on the western coast of Lanad i'Sarois. It is situated on a peninsula that is cut off from the main part of the Lanad by the western spur of the Onyl Mountains. Several islands off the coast are also considered part of Jiberia. Across the mountains lies Fasellan, and on the east and south is the Living Ocean, while the Bay of Sumani lies to the east.

Since the death of the last emperor, Ma-Yori, about three hundred years ago, the region has been ruled by a council of warlords. The region itself is split up into a large number of city-states, each ruled by its own warlord. The most important of these are often known as the Thirteen Clans, but in reality there are several dozen warlords scattered throughout the empire. Indeed, each of these warlords assumes that he or she is destined to be the next emperor, and thus there always seems to be some kind of skirmish, if not full-scale warfare, occuring somewhere in the area, as they vie for supremacy.