Thirteen Clans

From Ardrana

Since the death of Emperor Ma-Yori, the land of Jiberia has been divided among many clans, each led by a warlord. The largest and most important of these are generally known as the Thirteen Clans. Below is a list of these clans, with the names of the warlords that currently leads them.

Clan Warlord
Bear clan Puresu Erubi
Carp clan Karusi Aruta
Crab clan Iguna Sabe
Crane clan Doji Hiruse
Dolphin clan Hika Saizō
Dragon clan Mirumoto Hitomi
Fox clan Ekide Kaidun
Hawk clan Nomoto Anako
Ki-rin clan Yano Sukoto
Stag clan Diranu Piro
Tiger clan Musayani Kuno
Water buffalo clan Miya Noori
Wolf clan Miruke Masai

There are other, smaller clans in the region, but they have little to no influence, and are often the targets of aggression by the larger clans. Many of these simply cease to exist or are assimilated into the conquering clan.