Jophery Segers

From Ardrana

Jophery Segers is a Human explorer originally from the city of Djomba. Raised as a warrior by his tribe, he grew restless as an adult and left to explore the world. Jophery eventually came to the city of Gascar, where he built Magic Journeys, an inn along Mellon's Road just west of the city. However, still in the grip of the wanderlust bug, he left it in the care of his son, Mason Segers.

Today, even in what would politely be considered upper-middle-age, Jophery spends his days traveling Ardrana in search of unique and unusual items. He often sends the items he finds on his travels back to Mason to display at the inn, and the place is filled with a menagerie of oddities including statues of exotic animals out front, which has served to make the inn something of a tourist destination. Jophery also sends the maps he makes back to his son for safe-keeping.