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Gascar is a city in Kellan, on the eastern coast of Lanad i'Sarois. Located about five hundred miles north along the shore of the Golden Ocean from Morelenas, Gascar is located just south of the border of Mentoncha, two and a half days' distance south of Mentemar.


Gascar sits at the mouth of the Laburnum River, with most of the city located on the northern bank. South of the city is the Red Forest, within which sit the ruins of an ancient city. There is also a spit of land south of the river, on which sits Castle Telva, the home of the family that ruled this region until recently. This area is connected to the city proper by a bridge on the Shore Road.


Gascar was founded in the 7th century LC by Essar Telva. For over a century, it was an independent port city, trading mostly with other cities up and down the east coast of the Lanad. However, as the fighting related to the Wars of Arin came closer and closer to the city, Morley Pallianor approached Kayen Telva, then the ruler of the city, to join the White Alliance against the Onyx Empire. He was killed soon afterwards, and as his son Jayar was still an infant his mother Raji ruled the city. Earl Vinderrek Flax took command of the city's defenses, splitting those duties for the first time.

After the wars' conclusion, Jayar officially took on the title of Duke, and gained a reputation for amassing wealth. In his later years, he was kidnapped and held for ransom, but was rescued by a band of adventurers led by Ral Brahalst, a Dwarf from the distant Jhakad Mountains. Several of the adventurers returned and were granted both lands and titles, which has led to some tenuous relations with the existing nobility.


Gascar is now the central city of the White Alliance duchy of the same name. Its current mayor is Brahalst, who is also officially the Duke of Gascar, a position he was granted on the death of Duke Jayar two years ago. He considers himself a caretaker duke, however, and continues to seek either an heir of the Telva family, or someone else to take over running the region. Still, since he has the support of the White Council, nobody has dared to move against him.

The city is also home to a division of the White Army, with a particular focus on naval defense. The garrison's captain, Vilthuril Rose, is an old friend of Brahalst and one of those who rescued Duke Jayar. Although she served as captain prior to inheriting his title, the fact that both of the highest offices in the land are held by outsiders still rankles the old-timers.


Given its location, Gascar is an important port city. It has a thriving sea trade, especially with the nearby Medici Islands. Two major roads -- the Shore Road from the south and Morelenas and Mellon's Road from the west and Rabk -- carry goods to Gascar from across southern Kellan. The city's business district is spread out along Mellon's Road, stretching from Magic Journeys on the far western edge of the city limits all the way to the Shore Road, also occupying several side streets. The most important of these is Center Street, which crosses Mellon's Road at Morgan's Publick House before continuing south to the Laburnum, where Tiller's Ferry carries people across the river.


Gascar has something of a reputation as a seaside resort community, where many nobles go to relax. Recently, construction began on the Carrolwood Entertainment District, an area meant to expand the opportunity for travelers to enjoy the mild climate and peaceful atmosphere of the city to its fullest.

There are four main temples within the city dedicated to the faiths of Morelen, Bassik, Liyyera, and Losyera. There are also other various smaller temples and shrines to Sedric and other deities.