Naru's Teas

From Ardrana

Naru's Teas is a small shop that sells dried tea leaves and accessories located in the city of Nazivonema. It is owned by a Human named Naru who moved from Jiberia with her yellow-orange cat, Kiiro, a few years ago to encourage the spread of the art of tea-making beyond her country's borders. Customers may select their own tea leaves from the various jars and baskets lining the walls of the shop or she is happy to select them for those who are uncertain of what to choose.

Behind her store - which she runs out of her home - is a small garden with a tall hedge surrounding it to ensure privacy and serenity within. There are many benches and small tables in tucked-away places where clients, if they wish, can sit and enjoy a hot cup of tea. First-time visitors to her garden are treated to a tin of her home-baked shortbread biscuits at no charge. Customers can buy tins of them for future enjoyment as well.

She also sells very ornate tea pots and tea services which she hand paints to her customers' specifications. A glass cabinet behind the counter displays examples of her work.