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Purjay is a Human sailor from the city of Rogariel, currently serving as captain of the M.M. Porcillo. Since he was a boy, he has always worked aboard ship, and he seemed to have a bright future. However, when he reached his twenty-first year, he still hadn't grown to be more than five feet in height, which led to his not being taken seriously as a commander. Frustrated, he left his homeland, serving as an itinerant deckhand on various ships along the coast of the Varrag Peninsula for several years.

Eventually, Purjay found himself in Mentoncha, where he signed up on a ship controlled by Merma's Pesqueria. He quickly impressed his captain, and was transferred to the Porcillo, the fleet's flagship. When Aldos, the ship's captain, suffered a severe injury, he quickly took charge and brought the ship back to its home port of Teticha. Merma, the fleet's financier and Aldos' wife, saw that her husband needed to be replaced quickly or her business would sink quickly. Thus, despite her reticence to trust someone who wasn't Lastini, especially a man, she appointed Purjay to be its captain.