Rannas i'Drasoin

From Ardrana

Rannas i'Drasoin, or sometimes just "The Rannas", is the smallest of Ardrana's three major continents, lying across the Grinder from Lanad i'Sarois in Ardrana's southern hemisphere. People often refer to it also as simply "the Southern Continent". In addition to the Grinder in the north, it is bounded by the Golden Ocean in the east, the Polar Sea in the south, and the Living Ocean in the west.

Much of the central part of the continent is a plateau which, at its southern end, is over two miles in elevation. At that edge lies the Wall of Night, a two-mile high cliff. There is an extended shallow area off the eastern coast which, in the distant past, is believed to have been part of the continent prior to the beginning of the Third Civilization.