Wall of Night

From Ardrana

The Wall of Night is a two-mile-high cliff that stretches across most of the southern part of Rannas i'Drasoin. Its origin is lost in the mists of time, but most theorize that it was destroyed in the same cataclysm that sank much of the eastern part of the continent under water.

To the north of the Wall lies the Zemodi Desert, a vast rocky region. To the south lies the region of Enedzeram, a sparsely-populated region which is often plagued by torrential rains and flooding. At the base of the Wall is an area of darkness that gives the Wall its name -- for several miles, the sun is either never seen or seen so little that the area seems to be nearly in perpetual night. Locals call this area The Gloom. For obvious reasons, this is considered an extremely dangerous region through which to travel.

Most people prefer to avoid the Wall if they can, even if it means a journey of thousands of miles to either coast. Nonetheless, over the centuries long staircases have been carved by various means (mostly magical) into the side of the Wall to allow for easier passage from one region to another. Around each of these stairs are small settlements, known as the Wall Towns. The largest of these is Inirica, nearly dead-center of the length of the Wall. There is also Twerrik Falls, the highest waterfall on all Ardrana, which lies close to Ugarra.