Sword of the Ancients

From Ardrana

The Sword of the Ancients, also sometimes known as The White Sword or The Restorer, is an artifact that predates recorded history. There are those who say this weapon is a myth, but fortunately for the multiverse it is not. Its exact powers are debated, but sages agree on one thing: that it is the most powerful artifact of good ever seen in Ardrana.

The legend

Legends say that the Sword of the Ancients was created along with its evil counterpart, Black Razor, in the early days of the world. The two were forged by the master Dwarven smith Torth from a mysterious substance found by his clan in their mines. He brought the substance to the forge at the Heart of the Earth, where he and his son, Zedek, created the two swords.

The Sword of the Ancients is a device of great wisdom which seeks to aid in the heroic deeds of anyone who holds it. Due to its power, only the greatest of villains might resist its temptations to perform good acts to fulfill its purpose, and that such good acts channel energy into both sword and wielder.

Centuries ago, a device was created that might control both swords. It is known simply as The Box. Like the swords, it has appeared and disappeared periodically through history.

Dwarven legends hold that the Black Sword and the White Sword cannot be destroyed except by the unmaking of the Heart of the Earth itself -- in other words, say sages, by the destruction of the entire world. They also say that if both were to reappear simultaneously, it would be a sign that the world is about to end. Obviously, the truth of these legends is difficult to test.

Recent history

Unlike Black Razor, the Sword of the Ancients has appeared only a few times during the Third Civilization. It was most recently known to be in the possession of Big John, a barbarian from Desilyr, who discovered it in the depths of an underground labyrinth several decades ago. He was slain by an assassin not long afterwards, and the sword was not found with his body, and its current whereabouts are unknown.

The Sword of the Ancients was originally designed by Gary Burness.