The Box

From Ardrana

The Box is a mysterious magical artifact of great power. It appears to be a small box, four inches long by three inches wide by one inch deep, made of ivory. On it are engraved a number of runes whose exact meaning is lost to history, which have been painted a deep blue color, and which glow when the artifact is activated.

Little is known about The Box's origins, although it is believed to be connected to the Swords of the Beginning (Black Razor and the Sword of the Ancients). This is because it has been found in several ancient works of art held by the person wielding one or the other of the swords.

Similarly, little is known about what powers The Box may have. It is known that its magic can be felt anywhere on Ardrana, as anyone who knowingly speaks the name of the artifact experiences an odd change in vocal quality, suddenly speaking in a deep, sonorous voice. Also, it is known to be able to speak itself, and to answer questions on a wide variety of topics when addressed directly. Certain topics, however, such as information that is of a secret nature, can only be revealed through the use of "The Word", which is presumed to be a command word of some kind that has yet to be discovered. The Box also has some ability to appear and disappear from the possession of its current bearer.

Many powerful wizards have studied The Box, not the least of which was Kalzac Verdimont el Marant, one of the founders of the Jar-Kahni School of Arcane Knowledge. Whatever he may have discovered about its nature, however, has been lost, as all his journals disappeared at the same time he did. Most recently, The Box appeared in the possession of the Servants of Kuraliskar. It was taken from one of their temples in Agropthos, and was being carried to Jar-Kahn for further study when it disappeared once more. Its current whereabouts are unknown.