From Ardrana

Zammocaz, or Zammo as he likes to be called, is a lightning genasi from the djinni city of Stormfront on the Quasielemental Plane of Lightning. First impressions often lead primes to believe he is an odd fellow with his spikey hair and quirky mannerisms, but he takes his weather magic studies very seriously.

His janni mother, Nah'lii, and Human father, Talvi, saw their son's talent early and encouraged his long visits to the walls outside the city so he could hone his skills, but made sure he had proper respect and reverence for the djinni who allowed him to live so freely.

When his djinni mentor, Zizzix, felt he could guide him no further, he encouraged Zammo to go to the Prime to study. The intention was for him to become a student at University Al Maneera in Rogariel, but somehow he ended up in Agropthos. There, he is trying to earn the money to get to his destination by working as a messenger for the School of the Wind. His competence, or perhaps Fate, presented him with an opportunity he couldn't refuse - to locate a blue dragon's egg for a local nobleman, Sheik Nata'Zu.