Ardann i'Parastha

From Ardrana

Ardann i'Parastha, or more often simply "the Ardann", is the largest of the continents of Ardrana. It is surrounded by water, stretching from the Frozen Sea in the north all the way to the Polar Sea in the south, and from the Golden Ocean in the west to the Living Ocean in the east. Due to its size, it is often divided on maps into its northern (ArdFasell) and southern (ArdKell) halves.

The Ardann is generally accepted as the first continent to be inhabited by sentient races. The city of Pretic, which once lay at the heart of the continent, was considered the birthplace of the Elven race, but it was destroyed long ago. It is thought that it once sat somewhere in the desolation that surrounds the city of Imor -- or perhaps even on the very site of Imor itself. The Jhakad Mountains are also said to be the origin of the Dwarven race, and indeed most of the major temples to the Dwarven gods are located there. The Lastini tell that their own race was born in the western land of Matria, where many of their people still live. How much of this is true is up for debate by historians and archaeologists, but few truly believe otherwise.