From Ardrana

Now here's a place where a basher can feel safe and not be bothered by the petitioners at the same time, because Bytopia (called the Twin Paradises by primes who don't know any better) is a place where a being's left to himself until there's good need. That means folks here help each other when they need assistance and leave each other alone when they don't. All in all, it's a pretty sociable place.

Now, Bytopia is just that: a pair of layers filled with mountains, streams, forests, meadows, and all the other stuff of a wild and natural world. While it's a far cry from the perfect order of Arcadia, Bytopia isn't the untamed wilderness of the Beastlands either. Both layers are sprinkled with towns filled with hardworking souls and little city-states. Caravans and traders pass from community to community, linking the whole together.

What makes Bytopia particularly unusual is that a cutter can look up, past the sky, and see the other layer of the plane. That's because the layers are stacked on each other like a sandwich, sharing one sky between them. The tallest mountains of each layer actually touch so that they're more like columns (where stalactites and stalagmites meet). During the day, the plane is lit by radiance from the sky. When nighttime comes, the light fades and the sky becomes dark. What looks like stars overhead are actually the lights and fires of communities on the other layer.

The petitioners of Bytopia are industrious to a fault. Truth told, their lives are defined by work. Petitioners figure everybody's got to have an honest trade. Folks who don't, for whatever reason, are shiftless if not outright evil. Adventuring isn't really an honest trade here, and thieving is just intolerable. Petitioners here don't offer charity, although they're fair in all dealings, A basher looking for a handout is likely to be given an axe and pointed to the woodpile with instructions to work up a sweat before dinner.

Along the Great Road, Bytopia is between Mount Celestia and Elysium.

Note: Bytopia originally appeared in the Planescape AD&D campaign setting from TSR. Its use here is for the purposes of providing context for the campaign only.