Camlekian Waste

From Ardrana

The Camlekian Waste is a region in the northern part of Lanad i'Sarois. The entire region was once known as Eliendis, but that term now applies only to the region around Lake Colaud that is comfortably inhabitable. The Elves now know this area simply as Luy, or "The Waste".

The Waste was created as the result of a magical catastrophe when the mad archdruid Camlek created a means to destroy all plant life in the world. He was stopped by a group of adventurers before entirely succeeding, but there was still large-scale destruction over a region spreading from the Luyan Mountains in the north nearly to Odiferous in the south, and from Lake Colaud in the west nearly to the Golden Ocean in the east.

Today, this area is still mostly uninhabited, with the exception of a few cities around Lake Colaud and the Elven city of Shaiyo. The land is recovering, but agriculture is still exceedingly difficult. It is not unusual for a caravan from Lake Colaud to the cities on the eastern shore to see no other travelers on the entire ten-day journey.