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Odiferous is a city/state located on a narrow wedge of arable land between the Cardillic Desert to the south and the Camlekian Waste to the north. Its barbarians are noted for their impressive strength and prowess in battle as well as their allegedly limited intellect. They are also known for producing cheese, such as Stenchberger, from yak's milk with an odor that most find unpalatable. They are also renowned for their moss gardens.

Most of Odiferan culture revolves around strength. Every three years, they hold an event called the Great Odiferan Bash to celebrate such strength. Also, they often compete in such sports as wrestling, ground-shaking, and yak jousting, the latter of which is held in the Ring of Brute Force, the athletic center of the city. Also, when they wish to travel quickly, they tend to throw each other (and outsiders, if they're not careful) from place to place, with another Odiferan waiting to catch the traveler at the other end.

Odiferous is currently ruled by Prince Uncouthma, and its armies are commanded by the mighty General Gouda. Uncouthma is married to Brawnhilda, and they have a three-year-old son, Bud. Uncouthma recently withstood an attempt to usurp his position by his grand vizier, Runtar, who sought to wed Brawnhilda and gain her wealth as well as the power of the Odiferan throne.

Prior to Uncouthma's wedding to Brawnhilda, he presented himself as a suitor to the princess Jasmine of Agrabah. In the process, he befriended the princess as well as her consort, Aladdin. Following this incident, the Odiferans and the Agrabanians arrived at a tenuous alliance.

Note: The city of Odiferous and its inhabitants originally appeared in the Aladdin TV show. All references are meant only as context for the fictional gaming world of Ardrana.