Delfina Envianada

From Ardrana

Duquesa Delfina Envianada is a Lastini noblewoman of venerable age from the city of Mariscora. She and her husband, Rajardo, have four sons -- Rayor, Hilanzo, Rivaro and Grumaro. Delfina, despite her fading intellect, has grave concerns about the future of her duchy due to the lack of an heir. Her younger sister, Lasinda -- who currently resides in the nearby town of Escobarra -- would be next in line to inherit the title.

In her more formidable years, she and Duquesa Tiburona had a very strained relationship, but this intense rivalry, too, has diminished. Delfina has instead been focusing her efforts on making Mariscora more accepting to the other races of Ardrana, as her policies are akin to those of the royal family. Most notably, she has declared the creation of the Outsider Welcoming Initiative, which is aimed to make the city more open to people from outside the region.