From Ardrana

Mariscora is the third largest city in Mentoncha, located about seventy-five miles north of the capital. It is the seat of power of Duquesa Delfina Envianada. It is known for the fine quality of shellfish it brings in and distributes throughout the country, most notably the unusual purple-shelled crab.

Recently, following the lead of the queen, the Duquesa has made significant efforts to make Mariscora attractive to travelers of races other than the native Lastini by declaring the Outsider Welcoming Initiative, or "OWI". The most visible sign of this initiative is the Foreign Market, an area of the city west of the harbor which has recently been transformed into a plaza comprising shops and accommodations aimed at the other various races of Ardrana. Thus far, it has met with limited success, but the Duquesa has high hopes for its long-term effects.