From Ardrana

Drumblor is a dwarven bard from the Obsidian Mountains. He is an identical twin to Strumblor and younger brother to Grumblor. He and his twin have a strong relationship and have tailored their show to compliment each other's talents, albeit still a work in progress.

As his name implies, he likes to play various percussion instruments and favors a dark purple pant and jacket combo with gold embroidered designs paired with a similarly embroidered top hat and cane.

He and his brother often find their unique attitude is not well-received by others in the dwarven community, including their brother. Dwarven music, especially, chants is the only entertainment that gains them some acceptance, but any tweaking to incorporate outsiders' musical stylings and protestations abound.

It was Strum who suggested the pair consider expanding their horizons and make their way into the world in hopes gaining greater acceptance while learning many different musical styles, but Drumblor urged taking things slowly, hence their trips to Imor as part of the trading caravan.

In pressing situations, Drum will step up and lend a hand to defend those he is with, but he always keeps his brother's well-being his top priority.