Foreign Market

From Ardrana

The Foreign Market is an area of Mariscora which was set up about a year ago as part of the Outsider Welcoming Initiative put in place by Duquesa Delfina Envianada. A number of sign posts in various places around the city containing placards in multiple languages direct visitors to the market.

The market is located in a cul-de-sac in an area west of the docks. This plaza contains shops and businesses dedicated to the hospitality industry. The shops are intended to be tailored to the needs of various races and are designated as such (e.g. Dwarf Shop, Elf Shop, Gnome Shop, Halfling Shop, and others). The centerpiece of the market is Cresilla, an inn and eating establishment.

The market's construction was directed by Tanda, a traveler from the Place of Going, and overseen by Rajardo, the Duquesa's husband.