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Ganastan is a city in the western part of the Cardillic Desert which also lends its name to the surrounding region. The region lies between Agropthos and Rogariel along the eastern shore of Shark's Fin Bay, although it is several hundred miles from either of those cities. The land is ruled by Sheikh Ahmad Razeem.

Ganastan recently rejected an overture of peace from Agrabah when its ambassador, Akeem, was attacked by that city's ruler, Sultan Bobo Al'Hamed, while he was under the control of armor belonging to his ancestor, Sultan Killeem. Princess Jasmine has attempted to re-established diplomatic relations, but without success, which some have also attributed to the fact that she had previously rejected the marriage overtures of the Sheikh's eldest son, Akhmed.

Note: The region of Ganastan and its inhabitants originally appeared in the Aladdin TV show. All references are meant only as context for the fictional gaming world of Ardrana.