Cardillic Desert

From Ardrana

The Cardillic Desert is a vast, arid land that takes up a large part of the east-central portion of the Lanad, including about ninety percent of the Varrag Peninsula. It is generally considered to be bounded on the east by the Golden Ocean, the west by the Thair Mountains, the north by Tyllan, and the south by the SouthLands. While the Varrag is generally a hot, sandy region, the western portion of the Cardillic, around the city of Cardimer is more of a barren, rocky area, while the Vykhar Mountains in the northeast are often blanketed by cold.

The Cardillic Desert is the largest desert on the Lanad, but its fringes are dotted with thriving cities, including Rogariel, one of the largest shipping centers on the east coast. The interior is populated heavily by thri-kreen, but is also home to a number of nomadic Elven tribes. Trade caravans also criss-cross the area, fanning out from Agropthos at the top of Shark's Fin Bay or Rogariel at the southern tip of the Varrag.

The Cardillic Desert is often referred to as "The Seven Deserts" by those who live there, the Seven Deserts being:

There are no precisely defined borders between these areas, and much of the central part of the region is unclaimed except by tribes of thri-kreen, other nomads, or marauding bandits.