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Agrabah is a city in the Cardillic Desert, located along the eastern side of the Varrag Peninsula on the shore of the Golden Ocean, about three hundred miles north of Rogariel. It was founded about two hundred years ago by Hamed and his tribe of nomads, who saw settling there as an end to their travels. Agrabah is currently ruled by Sultan Bobo Al'Hamed, having recently withstood an attempted coup d'etat by his grand vizier, Jafar. The surrounding area is one of the Seven Deserts and is also called Agrabah.

Diplomatic overtures

The Sultan of Agrabah has recently been pressing forward with diplomatic initiatives to formalize relations among the various nations of the Seven Deserts, especially with Quirkistan and Getsistan, as well as with the barbarians of Odiferous. The Sultan's daughter, Jasmine, and her fiancee, Aladdin, have been instrumental in these matters, and recently a war with Odiferous was narrowly prevented thanks to their action.


Agrabah's growth in power has not gone unnoticed. Mozenrath, ruler of the Land of the Black Sand, has ordered attacks on Agrabah and her defenders either directly or indirectly on several occasions recently, although thus far they have been beaten back by the palace guard, led by Rasoul, and Aladdin, the Sultan's future son-in-law. The rulers of Ganastan have also been cool to Agrabah's burgeoning alliances. The other major kingdoms have thus far remained neutral, but there have been signs of nervousness reported in their courts.

Note: The city of Agrabah and its inhabitants originally appeared in the movie Aladdin, with additional information being drawn from the Aladdin TV show. All references are meant only as context for the fictional gaming world of Ardrana.