From Ardrana

The Grazhnakh -- a Dwarven term for the race that has been adopted by other races -- are known among their own kind as "Gar-Bears orcs" because they are known for the delight that they take in tormenting gar bears and using their skins as clothing. They are much like other orcs in their appearance, although they are larger and more muscular. They are even tougher than orogs on average, and tend to be more organized in combat.

It is said that the Grazhnakh were bred from normal orcs by the wizard Keraptis to serve him in the Wars of Arin. Many of them roam Lanad i'Sarois, while many others still serve Keraptis' former minion Morjec. They were originally only found in Arin and lands to the north, and indeed their cities dot that region's landscape, but now they have been spotted everywhere from Desilyr to Kellan.