From Ardrana

Keraptis was -- or is, if his followers are to be believed -- a wizard of great power, possibly of Elven ancestry, or not. In fact, Keraptis was very rarely seen in public after the destruction of the Purple Castle some five hundred years past. Keraptis had spent years copying many of the most ancient and powerful tomes for his own use, and once he had the power he felt he needed, he killed Lorenz, the chief mage at the castle, and it is said that the magical battle and its aftermath brought the entire castle down.

Following the treachery he is said to have committed against his fellows at the castle, he fled to Lanad i'Sarois -- in particular, the land of Arin -- and there founded the Onyx Empire. He brought with him some of his most faithful students: the illusionist Rarth Ilinix, the necromancer Zathmore, the invoker Limmerdin, and his own protege in the study of all magecraft, Morjec. Together, they created a great empire, which lasted for over four hundred years, and fought many wars in an effort to take over the entire Lanad, if not all of Ardrana.

Eventually, in the last of the wars, Keraptis was defeated by a coalition of armies led by Sir Roderick Harper of the White Alliance, General Borg of the Thair Mountains, and others. Keraptis was pursued to his last refuge, a mountain fortress in the north, and there it is said he was slain in an avalanche. His followers, however, believe that he still lives, and await his return.

Note: Keraptis originally appeared in the module White Plume Mountain for the Dungeons & Dragons game by TSR, which was incorporated into Ardrana. His appearance here is for the purposes providing contect for the campaign only.