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Kellan, sometimes referred to as "the Kellan", is a very large region, encompassing most of the central and southern SouthLands. It extends from the East-West Road in the north all the way to the southern tip of Lanad i'Sarois, just a few hundred miles north of the Grinder. In the east, it is bordered in the north by the Filitir Forest and in the south by the Golden Ocean. In the west, it is bordered in the north by Faxanadu and in the south by the Living Ocean.


The climate of the Kellan tends to be moderate in the north, and subtropical in the south. It is a generally fertile land, as much of it sits in the Hanaelon River basin. The South Coast, centered on the capital of Morelenas and stretching from Altamer to Nalishene, is especially known for its pleasant climate, and is home to many resort communities.


In the first few centuries of the Third Civilization, Kellan was divided into many small countries. In the late 3rd century, Xavin of Wesber conquered the small southern kingdom of Basillan. He established the House of Wesber, who over the next several hundred years slowly extended their realm to cover nearly the entire region.

The Wars of Arin

Much of this unification took place during the Wars of Arin, when, at the urging of Morley Pallianor, many of the smaller states joined with the Wesbers. The region was overrun in the late 8th century, with Onyx Empire forces nearly coming all the way to the gates of Morelenas. However, with the aid of the Elves of the Filitir Forest, the Dwarves of the Thair Mountains, and others, Kellan was eventually restored under the rule of King Tristan I.

Tristan would turn out to be the last of the Wesber dynasty, however. His son, Tristan II, dissolved the monarchy and turned control over to Lord Morley Pallianor, newly-appointed Duke of Morelenas. He proceeded to form the White Council and divided the land up into several semi-autonomous areas, each ruled by a duke.


Kellan is home to six of the ten duchies which make up the White Alliance. The city and duchy of Morelenas, at the southern tip of the continent, is the seat of power for the Alliance. Hanmer, in the central part of the region, is home to most of the diplomatic meetings amongst the member duchies. The duchies of Rabk, Gascar, Shethkor and Kimelis are also part of the region. The White Council President, currently Lukus the Blue, is the ruler of the region by treaty, but his powers are quite limited.

Through the White Alliance, Kellan remains allied with the Elves of the Filitir, led by King Rondor. They also have a treaty with Thorin Archer of the Dwarves, who is a semi-official member of the White Council. However, recent events have weakened Kellan's position. In addition to the withdrawal of Duke Mirdael of Hanaellan from all ties to the Alliance, many of the treaties that bound Kellan to Vesqui and, by extension, Idrellan have been allowed to lapse due to political disagreements. Still, Kellan is considered the strongest military power in the Lanad.