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Hapsor is a Dwarven fighter, originally from the Thair Mountains. Along with his brothers -- Sleepsor, Bashsor, Docsor, Grumpsor, Sneezsor and Dopesor -- he was working a mine in the forest south of Semmarch several years ago when they inadvertently stumbled upon an entrance to an ancient ruined Dwarven city. Unfortunately, all the brothers except Sleepsor and Hapsor were killed by various monsters they encountered. At that point, Hapsor abandoned the project, though Sleepsor continued to try to make a go of it.

After his mining career, Hapsor went into adventuring. His first mission was accompanying Diosa and her companions to Djomba to rid them of an evil cult. Since then, he drifted a bit before returning to his home in the Thair Mountains.

Hapsor is a PC played by Shelley Proulx.