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Dekh is the name of what was thought to be a mythical Dwarven city from before the days of the Third Civilization. It was said to lie on the exact opposite side of Ardrana from the sacred Jhakad Mountains, and thus had access to the forge at the center of the world, known as the Heart of the Earth. It was also the sacred place of Gazhon, wife to Severn.

However, several years ago, a group of Dwarves led by Docsor was mining beneath a forest southeast of Semmarch when they broke through to an ancient, unused shaft. This shaft led to a system of tunnels deep beneath Hanaellan, within which were found Dwarven artifacts of inestimable age. Upon examination by Orin, the master smith of Thorin's clan, and Eljayess, the court wizard of Braith, it was declared that this place was indeed the ancient city of Dekh. An expedition to further explore this place is currently being mounted by King Thorin.