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Diosa is a Lastini Musician -- a priestess of Losyera who is also a skilled bard, specializing in the playing of the dulcimer. A native of the city of Mentoncha, she was among those inspired to leave the city upon the return of Princess Conchita from her Journey of Enlightenment a few years ago. Like the princess, she first went to Hanmer, where she found herself involved in several adventures.

She was first involved in a diplomatic mission to Rannas i'Drasoin. After returning to Mentoncha, she accompanied Allegra Brownstoke on a mission, which unfortunately failed. After again returning to Mentoncha with others from that adventure, she found her way into a group ready to go after some pirates.

Since that mission ended, she has taken up the life of a traveling minstrel, plying her trade up and down the coast. Most recently, she was helping Condesa Rosalín as'Quanada of Queral hide in Daro in an effort to find a missing scroll. She later returned to Mariscora in an effort to resolve the situation in that village.

Diosa is a PC (and later NPC) played by John Proulx.